Festive Coconut Ice Cream Cake

grain free / gluten free / vegan / dairy free

This delightful FESTIVE COCONUT ICE CREAM CAKE will really impress guests this Christmas! It’s so quick & easy to prepare, perfect for this time of year when you don’t have time for more elaborate dishes. It's gluten free, dairy free, grain free & vegan. It is the perfect solution for entertaining guests with dietary requirements - it's so delicious it will keep the entire family wanting more. 


Serves 4-6, start recipe 1 day ahead


1 500ml tub non-dairy coconut ice cream, softened (we suggest using vanilla, chocolate or salted carmel flavours) *

1/2 cup Goodies + Grains Paleo Granola (extra for garnish) 

1/2 cup Goodies + Grains Cranberries (extra for garnish)

2 Tbsp Pistachios, roughly chopped (extra for garnish)

1 cup raw vegan chocolate 

1 Tbsp freeze dried raspberries (optional, for garnish) 

1 Tbsp toasted coconut flakes (optional, for garnish) 

All ingredients available at WHOLE+SOME



1. Place softened ice cream in a mixing bowl. Add Paleo Granola, pistachios, cranberries and stir to combine. 

2. Line a small bowl with plastic wrap & pour the ice cream mixture in. Place in freezer & let set overnight.

3. Unwrap the ice cream ‘dome’, tip bowl upside done and set on plate.

4. Set up a double boiler & melt the vegan chocolate.

5. Slowly pour the melted chocolate over the ice cream dome & return to the freezer for about half an hour, until the chocolate is set.

6.Take ice cream cake out of the freezer & garnish with extra granola, cranberries, pistachios, toasted coconut and freeze dried raspberries. Serve straight away.